The project NEWS – New Education with success aims to combine critical thinking and innovative methods of education in a methodological approach and make them available online to experienced as well as new adult educators in a directly usable form. Besides a general methodological part, there will be concrete modules for ICT, language learning and media education.

NEWS is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme as a Strategic Partnership under KA2. Partners are adult education organizations from six European countries.

News from NEWS

Latest news from NEWS
The fourth and last newsletter of the project is published. The project is coming to an end and this newsletter focuses on the events that were held in the partner countries to inform about our results
Here you can download the 4thNEWSletter
JULY 2022
The final countdown
The last project meeting took place in Lithuania, at Bite AEC. We summarised the results achieved, prepared further dissemination activities and the final report and had a great time with our wonderful team. We end a three-year project with many feelings and thoughts: how much we have learned together and how sad it is that this is our last meeting.
NEWS-Training for new educators
In snowy Saaremaa, Estonia, our training activity for future adult educators from all partner countries took place: The Slovak team presented the module of the general NEWS methodology on critical thinking in adult education, the Spanish team presented the course on media education, the Croatian team together with the German team presented the module on foreign language learning and the teams from Lithuania and Estonia presented the module on learning IT skills. It was a really memorable and useful week for all participants! Thanks to everyone for their insightful feedback and comments! And of course many thanks to the great hosts!
Next event: Training & meeting in Estonia
All project teams are preparing for our last meeting: transnational training seminar for the new trainers will be held on 24-26th of January 2022 and transnational project meeting will be held on 27th of January 2022 in Estonia, Saaremaa Islands.
We are looking forward to seeing each other again, to meeting and teaching the new trainers and to the snow in the home country of our Estonian project coordinators!
Back in reality
We had a very effective meeting of the project partners, also in Čakovec (Croatia) and face to face: We evaluated the results of the previous transnational training with experienced adult educators. All unclear questions were discussed and works for the next project period were planned!
Big thanks for the Croatian team! They were so wonderful hosts!
The first NEWS training

Exciting life in Croatia, Čakovec in Pučko Otvoreno Učilište Čakovec. We have our first NEWS training with experienced adult educators.
First training day: we are learning general methodology course.

The second day of training. Developing critical thinking skills and a great atmosphere! The Slovakian trainer team was amazing.

Our third day was full of knowledge and impressions: very interesting course of media education (thank you, partners from Spain!) and excursion all together!

We had finished our fourth day: very active and inclusive tasks teaching a foreign language. Big thanks for the partners from Croatia and Germany!

17/09/20221_day5:We are full of knowledge and experience after a fifth day. Estonian and Lithuanian teams presented their well prepared ICT materials. The learning week is finished!

Everything was so great organized – thanks to Croatian team!